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Noname Cosmetics

Cosmo Blue Basic UV Gel

  • Weight: 5 g

Intensive deep dark blue. Slightly translucent hard UV gel. UV-cured.

High quality UV gel especially for decorating gel nails. Suited for use with hard UV gels.


Noname Cosmetics gels are the result of years of development and represent the apex of polymer-gel technology.

Noname Cosmetics UV gels are compatible with almost every brand of gels. The gels are odorless, do not contain evaporating ingredients and do not generate heat during curing. The pigments are bound to the base gel, ensuring a constant and stable composition.


  • Extremely durable
  • Opaque composition rich in pigments
  • Medium viscosity
  • Excellent quality-price ratio
  • Convenient small size


Formulated to cure with UV lamps only, does not cure with LED lamps.

Manufactured in the EU, the economical and safe Noname Cosmetics UV gels offer a long-lasting, intensive and beautiful result.



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