Toe Ring blue ladybug

Bright blue ladybug with sparkling rhinestones. Size 15 x 15 mm.

Toe ring stays on with an elastic silicone band. The clear silicone band is gentle on the delicate skin.

Brighten up your summer style with these adorable toe rings!


Adorable toe ring with a clear silicone band. The elastic silicone band fits every foot and gentle on the delicate skin.

The toe ring is packed in a clear jewellery box, also suitable as gift.

Size: 15 x 15 mm


Make sure all the rhinestones are properly secured before using the ring.

Perfect for bare feet or with sandals.


Fantastic toe ring for summer feet, don't let the sun out shine you!

Slip the toe ring on your feet before leaving the house.

Psst! Brighten your day by slipping the ring in your hair with a bobby pin.